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The Inner Evolution Method



Since the beginning of time human beings have been on a spiritual search; two groups of seekers have always existed: the group of those who ask questions and the group of those who give answers. Said in a different way, the group of those who are awake and the group of those who are asleep; the wise ones and those who are ignorant. It could be said in this sense that the majority group consists of those who are lost or confused and the minority group are those who know how to respond or guide others towards a way out. An awakening has been associated with those who respond with wisdom…

Which group are you in? Which group would you like to be in? Which group are you able to be in? These questions mark the beginning of an exciting journey towards your inner self.

Since few people are ‘awake’, they accumulate much more power than those who are asleep and thus they can infiltrate the dreams of the sleeping ones to give the call to awaken.

Until now this power to go into the inner self of other people had not been used to transfer the power to others, but rather to rob them of the small amount of power they still had. If they were searching for power, turning them into followers or disciples completely takes away the possibility of their empowerment.

What or who are you following at the moment?
The intermediate step.

It is true that those who know, those who have been illuminated or have awoken their consciousness, have something to share with others; beyond the experiences, wisdom or comprehension that they have or have shown, they have always suggested more-or-less the same thing: FOLLOWING SOMETHING OR SOMEONE...

The strategy of the sleeping mind is to get closer to a source of wisdom – be that a master, a guru or an eloquent philosopher – so that, after a process of falling in love, the person begins to follow the guide or their philosophy, proposal, or ideology… Definitively, they obey a call from something or someone who brings an answer or solutions and then they end up giving themselves over to being a follower or disciple. Until now this mechanism hasn’t served us much to empower spiritual seekers.



The Inner Evolution method breaks this ancient paradigm whose tendency has been to encourage you to put your attention, your admiration and your love outside of yourself. We are proposing a solution inspired by you, for you and, as a result, for each one of us. We know that from a place of understanding which is contrasted with real life, everything that is directed inwards has the possibility of being turned into personal power, which can then be released towards the outside in a format redesigned by consciousness for us to share with everyone and everything around us through love, understanding, freedom and trust…

From potential to FLOURISHING


The process of converting inner potential into external flourishing is so amazingly transformative that we have named it Inner Evolution.

Everything that afflicts you has a solution; you can transform your suffering into life, your conditioning into your greatest treasure, your limitation into pure potential.

It is this conscious therapeutic-spiritual-philosophical method that we use in the retreats that the company INNER MASTERY INTERNATIONAL organises, where all kinds of shamanic resources are shared – including Ayahuasca, Kambo, Bufo etc – with the aim of activating the process of the inner master that each of our participants has inside of them, leading to an inevitable empowerment of themselves. This is the basis for being able to transform life.

Because of this, we are launching our offering on a global scale, having shown with thousands of people that what works is personal power which can be used in deep investigation of ourselves. What works is the power of each individual; not worshipping, honouring or devoting ourselves to something or someone outside of ourselves.

This is why we say strong and loud: “COME AND FOLLOW YOURSELF”.

It is a calling whose purpose is to take you back to the source of power that exists in you.



Why do we call them "tools"?

We had to look for a neutral term that would not be detected and banned by the platforms on which we present our work and through which we contact thousands of people who are looking for an original and transgressive solution to the problems they want to solve in their lives.

What do we mean by "ancestral tools"?

They are master plants and animals of power, sacred to ancient indigenous traditions, whose benefits have been researched and demonstrated for centuries, and scientifically in recent decades. At this precise moment of humanity, we have turned to these tools because conventional science is failing to meet the physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual health concerns that human beings want to understand from a place of depth and practicality.

The experience of connection with yourself and the universe: given through an Amazonian concoction that combines two plants, one of which complements substances already produced by your own pineal gland, reinforcing your innate ability to expand your consciousness and thus understand the mysteries of life and existence.

In recent years, its conscious use has expanded throughout Europe and has been consolidated through thousands of testimonials and numerous scientific studies that point to its use as a complement in processes of all kinds.

It is one of the master plants par excellence known worldwide for its neurogenerating and neuroplasticity capacity, for its ability to reactivate areas of the brain that have been inactive for a long time and to tune the cerebral hemispheres. In addition, it deals directly with the emotional core of the brain, allowing the release of old locked emotions, reinterpreting the traumatic imprint that may accompany the memory of certain traumatic events that have occurred in the life of the person.

This toad from the Mexican Sonoran Desert secretes a liquid that, when dried, can be inhaled and offers the possibility of connecting with the divinity, with the whole, with the source and origin of everything. It is known as a peak experience, intense and profound that can become a milestone in the life of a human being, since it offers the possibility of connecting with an oceanic feeling of peace that merges the individual with the totality from which he or she comes; it is a masterful opportunity to contact with infinity and eternity to be able to approach life from another place, higher and deeper at the same time.

The experience lasts between 15 and 20 minutes but the one who is living it loses the sense of time being able to experience a dizzying feeling of eternity, infinity and unity with all existence; during the experience it is also possible to go through moments of great anguish that are the prelude to the encounter with the divine, these moments prior to the ecstasy and the total oceanic feeling of communion with oneself and life have to do with the feeling of being thrown into the void at high speed and the total dissolution of the ego.

Deep detoxification of the organism: it is a secretion that comes from the back of the frog phyllomedusa bicolor.

It is a natural biochemical cocktail of millenary use that favors a very deep purge of the toxins of the organism. The process has a duration of 15 to 20 minutes and it is necessary to do it with a previous fasting of 12 hours to have an empty stomach. It is the most powerful DETOX tool that exists, not only for the cleansing that is produced, which is only a small part of the physical benefit it has, but also for the enormous nutrition and reactivation that it produces in the organism thanks to the 14 peptides that it contains and that are authentic biochemical keys that open the doors of our internal pharmacy leaving the immune system in an optimal state, especially if 3 sessions are carried out in a period of less than 28 days.

On the other hand, it produces a seismic internal shaking that facilitates the emergence of retained emotions to be embraced, breathed and listened to from the loving and warm embrace of our own presence.

Connect with the roots of your structure: this tool comes from grinding the root of the African tree “Tabernanthe Iboga” found in the deep forests of Gabon, Cameroon and Congo.

It brings a state of expanded consciousness that allows us to understand complex issues of human life and especially about personal issues that interfere with our happiness; therefore it is also known as “the tree of wisdom”. It also has enormous potential as a tool for self-discovery and liberation from unnecessary burdens.

It has been used by the Bwiti, an initiatory tradition that comes from the purest branch of the mystical schools of ancient Egypt. It is currently being used in many clinics and is the central focus of many mental health and clinical psychology congresses in Europe and America for the proven results that have been verified, with many applications related to self-knowledge, self-improvement and spiritual search.

If you feel that you are at a point in your life where the structures and patterns that you created or were created within you are already outdated and you are carrying them with the suffering that this produces, it is your time.

Known as the vegetable key that opens the gates of heaven.

An indigenous natural medicine extracted from a cactus (Echinopsis Pachanoi) whose active ingredient is mescaline, and can be taken in juice or dissected into powder and dissolved in water.

It facilitates the expansion of consciousness and opens the doors of the heart wide to a total connection with love.

It allows the vision to contemplate the divine sparkles that shine in every beautiful and innocent corner of creation, for when you take this tool you begin to see everything with the eyes of the heart.

It is a natural remedy that the traditional doctors of the upper Putumayo, Colombia, use to treat various diseases, such as hemorrhoids, chronic fatigue and others. They also use it to purify the blood, cleanse the sweat glands and strengthen the bones.
When used in a sufficiently concentrated form, it provides all these benefits and more to the person consuming it, bringing them into a state of “vigilant trance”.

In this state, which usually lasts 5/6 hours, one has the opportunity to look inside oneself, each with one’s own ghosts, masks, manipulations… but also understandings, intuitions, the here and now….
Afterwards, practically all those who have tried it feel very well the next day.

A natural substance extracted from the seed of a jungle tree that when inhaled through the nose produces an expansion of consciousness and a surprising therapeutic-spiritual effect.

It produces an organic cleansing and a spiritual connection, which on the one hand is a hard confrontation with the ego, and on the other hand offers the consciousness of unity.

The expansion of consciousness is assured, but in the process different things move and one reaches a very particular space from which to appreciate reality.

Unlike other tools, which are introspective experiences, this one opens us to the understanding of the other, and allows us to establish deep dialogues with people who are in the same process (ideal for couples or friends) and at the same moment of the experience.