inner mastery international

Who are we

is a multi-national company dedicated to organising Inner Evolution events around the world.

Where are we

Currently, Inner Mastery organises retreats in Europe, South America, Central America and North America. According to the country and their laws, we adapt the format of our retreats to the work that can be carried under the legislative norms that exist in each place.

In the USA and UK we don’t use ayahuasca, bufo alvarius or yopo, since these ancestral tools are clearly prohibited. For residents of the USA we organise retreats in our Mexico epicentre as well as 11-day trips to the jungle. For UK residents we host retreats of between 1 and 11 days every month in our epicentres around Europe.

Who are we at Inner Mastery?

Present across the Americas and Europe, with its legal HQ constituted in Spain since 2013, we are a multi-disciplinary team consisting of health professionals, therapists, facilitators, shamans and traditional Amazonian ancestral tools doctors who have decided to bring the benefits of natural medicines to the world, creating together a system based on the Psychotherapeutic Integration of the use of entheogens (substances extracted from plants and animals) which accelerate the self-development processes of each participant at our retreats.

INNER MASTERY INTERNATIONAL, whose retreats have promoted transformation and healing in the lives of lots of participants in many countries of Europe, the Americas, Asia and, since Winter 2018, also the USA.

Over the past 5 years we have developed a technology for transformation that combines methods which are evolutionary, conscious and therapeutic, with the most advanced ancestral tools of indigenous-American tradition; this combination is extremely effective and transformative, allowing us not only to reach the root and the origin of our limitations, but to transcend these limitations and flourish in our highest potential.

We are a team of more than 200 experts, facilitators and multi-disciplinary therapists who have found answers and solutions that go beyond therapy.

Meet the members of Inner Mastery