Connect with the roots of your structure

Connect with the roots of your structure: this tool comes from grinding the root of the African tree “Tabernanthe Iboga” found in the deep forests of Gabon, Cameroon and Congo.

It brings a state of expanded consciousness that allows us to understand complex issues of human life and especially about personal issues that interfere with our happiness; therefore it is also known as “the tree of wisdom”. It also has enormous potential as a tool for self-discovery and liberation from unnecessary burdens.

It has been used by the Bwiti, an initiatory tradition that comes from the purest branch of the mystical schools of ancient Egypt. It is currently being used in many clinics and is the central focus of many mental health and clinical psychology congresses in Europe and America for the proven results that have been verified, with many applications related to self-knowledge, self-improvement and spiritual search.

If you feel that you are at a point in your life where the structures and patterns that you created or were created within you are already outdated and you are carrying them with the suffering that this produces, it is your time.

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