Look inside yourself

It is a natural remedy with a bitter menthol flavor composed of organic tobacco from the wilderness, cooked, among other secret components,
with exotic fruits and wild plant roots.

This Amazonian plant formula works as a device that opens the internal doors of the senses to connect with the body’s available but unused energy.

You can feel reconnection with your body and soul thanks to this complex of master and power plants that reactivate life energy by transforming it into a meditation-filled state.

It allows access to an attitude of sensory receptivity and inner connection from a state of physical, mental and spiritual well-being; loosening and unlocking unconscious resistances and limitations.

It is neither an enteogen nor a hallucinogen. It does not produce visions, but it amazes by the quick and powerful effects it produces, gently caressing the soul in which love and infinite energy resources reside.

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