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About us

We are an organization that 18 years ago took its first steps in creating spaces in which to support people in their process of inner evolution and self-discovery through the conscious use of master plants and other natural entheogens.


On this path, we have created our own combination and method, in which we incorporate preparation and integration of assumptions, based on openness and observation of the use of words and psychotherapeutic dynamics, which support us in living a transformative experience in which we offer people the best field to go within themselves.


The interdisciplinary team of experienced facilitators, therapists, health professionals and integrative clinicians decided to take this proposal worldwide.

What is an Inner Evolution Retreat?

It is a pure, free, true and loving gathering of people who open themselves to heal, to find their essence, to enter an inner space of power from which to face life.

Our inner evolution retreats are spiritual retreats in the sense that they facilitate the connection with each person’s divinity to access the true treasure within each person, where the answers, solutions and ways out live. We invite you to experience at least once in your life the feeling of being in a human transformation energy field, where no one is invited to change anything, to improve anything, but to transform everything into love and compassion.

The Inner Evolution Method

We propose a solution inspired in you, by you and for you. We know, from a contrasted understanding with real life, that everything directed inward has the possibility of becoming individual power, and then bringing it outward in a format redesigned by consciousness, sharing it with others and with everything around us through love, understanding, freedom, trust … psychotherapeutic dynamics, which support a transformative experience in which we provide people with the best field to go within themselves.


The experience of connecting with oneself and the universe: given by an Amazonian drink that combines two plants

one of which supplements the substances already produced by the pineal gland, strengthening the innate ability to expand consciousness and thus understand the mysteries of life and existence.


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