How it works


GLOBAL LEADER IN RETREATS: hosting over 300 retreats a year, for the past 5 years, in more than 20 countries, with over 50,000 greatly-satisfied participants. Our facilitators are trained in cycles of the European School of Ayahuasca and the Conscious School, designed specifically as a unique and exclusive preparation; these training cycles are attended by over 500 students per year who are studying the INNER EVOLUTION method’s original offering which brings together tools, techniques and approaches to give greater power to the experience with natural entheogenic substances.

A characteristic of our retreats is conscious accompaniment, based on giving support to each participant individually and through group integration dynamics which unite participants in the same healing intention: to open our hearts to life, to love, and to other people. SITUATIONS IN OUR LIVES.


At all times you will be accompanied by experienced facilitators and therapists who will support your process, employing the most advanced integration techniques of conscious use, which are utilized on rotation at retreats according to circumstances; it is a synergetic mix of holistic resources which vary and spontaneously renew themselves in every encounter, making them unique and unrepeatable. Systemic therapy, Bio-dance, No-Therapy, Hoponopono, meditation, breathing techniques, music, song and instruments from many different origins… are some of the resources that we use, depending on the situation.

The original dynamics created in our school activate emotions and awaken the consciousness to produce an objective observation of the movements and processes that we live each day. This is the basis for empowerment.


We don’t use substances that are prohibited in the countries we visit. We don’t carry out rituals or ceremonies, nor do we follow any specific indigenous or shamanic tradition; we are not a religion or a sect, but rather we organise sessions of inner work with conscious accompaniment, taking care of the vital details so that the experience can be pleasant and deep. Our approach is directed towards the participant, not towards the techniques or the active substances; we put the emphasis on ‘your process’, whether that be STARTING A NEW PHASE IN YOUR INNER EVOLUTION, ACCELERATING OR UNBLOCKING A POINT WHERE YOU FEEL LIMITED OR STAGNENT, OR FINDING MEANING IN WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING. We hone-in on the point in each participant’s personal process that they are experiencing in each moment, because we believe that life in itself is a process of Inner Evolution towards understanding ourselves and all that happens to us. If you have done many things on a level of personal development, with this retreat the memories of what you have learnt will be activated and strengthened.




From the moment that participants begin their registration, to about 10pm. In this retreat stage participants are welcomed and a short registration interview is carried out with each individual. (At this time participants should hand in the questionnaire that they filled out before arrival). Next the preparation workshop begins which aims to deactivate the unconscious mechanisms which often block our access to a fluid and relaxed experience. Each participant is invited to share their personal intention and to reflect on it. This is an emotional preparation to establish the true state that the individual is in. We don’t suggest doing any specific preparation with diet or abstinence before the retreat as we believe that participants should carry out their inner evolution work from the ‘real’ state that they live in, rather than from a ‘prepared’ or ‘modified’ state; manipulating the conditions in the run-up to a retreat may ‘improve’ the result but won’t ensure that the results are real.


This process typically lasts for 4 – 6 hours; it begins after the preparation and is based on drinking Ayahuasca around 10pm. In cases where, in order to access a complete experience, one or two booster doses are necessary, these will be offered approximately 90 minutes after the beginning of the session / after drinking the first dose. Ayahuasca is a natural gift from the Amazon which is shared in these sessions included in the retreat cost. Depending on the individual needs of each participant, the facilitator determines the right dose. The participant’s opinion regarding the dose that they wish to drink will be taken into consideration by the facilitator in charge but will not be the determining factor. There are people who participate in a retreat but who will not be given Ayahuasca for very solid reasons per the facilitator’s decision; this does not mean, however, that the person will be excluded from the session, as they can participate without drinking, or can participate with a small or micro-dose, since the central point of these retreats is not the ‘taking of Ayahuasca’, but rather the conscious process as a whole.


The use of Natural Entheogenic Tools tends to give rise to questions and answers, doubts, unresolved issues, hidden conflicts, past wounds, but, above all, the vision of the infinite potential that human beings have and the recognition of the purest and most original values that we were born with. Every connection of elevation or depth needs an interface for adaptation to real life. The concept of Conscious Integration was born from the necessity to reorganise the contents that emerge in sessions with Ayahuasca and Bufo Alvarius; in these sessions, expanded states of consciousness are produced, along with consequent inner movements. Everything that comes up in these integration sessions provides valuable material which, when given structure, can be used on a personal level. The magic manifests itself in the possibility of being able to achieve a deep comprehension about topics in our day-to-day life.

Bringing together natural tools and techniques with conscious use to create an integration of attitudes and concrete actions in real-life day-to-day situations.

These integration sessions are carried out as a group, but also with individual one-to-one dedication. Integration sessions typically last 2 – 3 hours, nobody is obliged to attend, they are led by expert integrators and they take place after sessions of Bufo Alvarius or in the morning after the evening session of drinking Ayahuasca (after breakfast). This Conscious Integration session or workshop is the key element of our work, going beyond conventional therapy and marking itself as a technology for consciousness that has been designed by the most veteran facilitators and ayahuasca shamans of INNER MASTERY INTERNATIONAL and the professors of the CONSCIOUS SCHOOL. This cocktail of tools is made available to each participant. ‘Integrating’ is not just ‘sharing’ or simply chatting, nor is it about collecting opinions about the experience or opening the floor for someone to give an anecdotal account of their experience; it is about relating the experience and what is felt in Ayahuasca or Bufo Alvarius sessions with situations in real daily life, so that each participant can see how it functions in their day-to-day life and thus identify the changes that need to be made in this moment.