Ancestral Tools

They are master plants and animals of power, sacred to ancient indigenous traditions, whose benefits have been researched and demonstrated for centuries, and scientifically in recent decades. At this precise moment of humanity, we have turned to these tools because conventional science is failing to meet the physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual health concerns that human beings want to understand from a place of depth and practicality.

The experience of connection with yourself and the universe: given through an Amazonian concoction that combines two plants, one of which complements substances already produced by your own pineal gland, reinforcing your innate ability to expand your consciousness and thus understand the mysteries of life and existence.

In recent years, its conscious use has expanded throughout Europe and has been consolidated through thousands of testimonials and numerous scientific studies that point to its use as a complement in processes of all kinds.

It is one of the master plants par excellence known worldwide for its neurogenerating and neuroplasticity capacity, for its ability to reactivate areas of the brain that have been inactive for a long time and to tune the cerebral hemispheres. In addition, it deals directly with the emotional core of the brain, allowing the release of old locked emotions, reinterpreting the traumatic imprint that may accompany the memory of certain traumatic events that have occurred in the life of the person.

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