Deep detoxification of the body

It is a secretion from the back of the frog phyllomedusa bicolor.

It is a natural biochemical cocktail of millennial use that promotes a very deep purge of toxins in the body. The process lasts 15-20 minutes and you need to be fasting for 12 hours beforehand to have an empty stomach. It is the most powerful DETOX tool that exists, not only because of the cleansing that is produced, which is only a small part of the physical benefit, but also because of the enormous nourishment and reactivation it produces in the body, thanks to the 14 peptides it contains that are authentic biochemical keys that open the doors of our internal pharmacy, leaving the immune system in an optimal state, especially if 3 sessions are carried out in a period of less than 28 days.

On the other hand, it produces a seismic internal jolt, which facilitates the emergence of restrained emotions so that they can be welcomed, breathed in, and listened to by the loving and warm embrace of our own presence.

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