Connect with divinity

This toad from the Mexican Sonoran Desert secretes a liquid that, when dried, can be inhaled and offers the possibility of connecting with the divinity, with the whole, with the source and origin of everything. It is known as a peak experience, intense and profound that can become a milestone in the life of a human being, since it offers the possibility of connecting with an oceanic feeling of peace that merges the individual with the totality from which he or she comes; it is a masterful opportunity to contact with infinity and eternity to be able to approach life from another place, higher and deeper at the same time.

The experience lasts between 15 and 20 minutes but the one who is living it loses the sense of time being able to experience a dizzying feeling of eternity, infinity and unity with all existence; during the experience it is also possible to go through moments of great anguish that are the prelude to the encounter with the divine, these moments prior to the ecstasy and the total oceanic feeling of communion with oneself and life have to do with the feeling of being thrown into the void at high speed and the total dissolution of the ego.

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