Inner Evolution Retreat
in Turkey

Night of Retreat

Inner Evolution Retreat
220 Per night
  • Choose the number of nights you wish to attend

Full Retreat

Inner Evolution Retreat
950 Full Retreat
  • 3 Nights & 3 Sessions

Inner Evolution Retreats

What does this reservation include?

Medical and/or psychological counseling prior to the experience if necessary.
• Accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch, and an evening snack).
• Participation in the deepening workshops with our facilitators, spaces which also serve as preparation prior to the evening session.
Group integrations which are held in the morning to share the experience or expand the comprehension of what is happening in your process.
The ancestral remedies offered during the night.
Post-retreat sessions, virtual or face-to-face, organized in your area (depends on the group and the moment).

Additional sessions of ancestrals tools

Sessions of:
Kambó | Yopo | San Pedro | Bufo Alvarius

Additional Sessions

Ancestral Tools
140 Per session
  • Medical and / or Psychological Advice.
  • Group Integrations

Bank information

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Account in EURO
TR06 0001 0001 3897 4993 9950 02