Lapland Retreat April 20th

April 20th to 23rd


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The reservation includes

• Food
• Housing
• One Conscious Preparation session before each night-time session
• 3 psychotherapeutic transcendent integrations
• 3 night-time sessions with the Spirit Vine
• 1 session with the cactus plant, dynamics and Sauna with ice water baths.

Additional sessions of ancient tools €150 per session.

Bank information

(For cash deposits or transfers)

Red de Epicentros Holísticos S.L.
Bank: Caixa
Account number: ES07 2100 3901 9102 0020 5755
Address: Av. Alameda, s/n CP 28140. Fuente el Saz de Jarama. Madrid, Spain

Finland Retreats

Full Retreat, 1 Additional Session of ancestral tools

Lapland Retreat April 20th
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