Ancestral tools



The use of Natural Entheogenic Tools tends to give rise to questions and answers, doubts, unresolved issues, hidden conflicts, past wounds, but, above all, the vision of the infinite potential that human beings have and the recognition of the purest and most original values that we were born with. Every connection of elevation or depth needs an interface for adaptation to real life. The concept of Conscious Integration was born from the necessity to reorganise the contents that emerge in sessions with Ayahuasca and Bufo Alvarius; in these sessions, expanded states of consciousness are produced, along with consequent inner movements. Everything that comes up in these integration sessions provides valuable material which, when given structure, can be used on a personal level. The magic manifests itself in the possibility of being able to achieve a deep comprehension about topics in our day-to-day life.


These integration sessions are carried out as a group, but also with individual one-to-one dedication. Integration sessions, typically last 2 – 3 hours, nobody is obliged to attend, they are led by expert integrators and they take place after sessions of Bufo Alvarius or in the morning after the evening session of drinking Ayahuasca (after breakfast). This Conscious Integration session or workshop is the key element of our work, going beyond conventional therapy and marking itself as a technology for consciousness that has been designed by the most veteran facilitators and ayahuasca facilitators of INNER MASTERY INTERNATIONAL and the professors of the CONSCIOUS SCHOOL. This cocktail of tools is made available to each participant.

‘Integrating’ is not just ‘sharing’ or simply chatting, nor is it about collecting

opinions about the experience or opening the floor for someone to give an anecdotal account of their experience; it is about relating the experience and what is felt in Ayahuasca or Bufo Alvarius sessions with situations in real daily life, so that each participant can see how it functions in their day-to-day life and thus identify the changes that need to be made in this moment.


Ayahuasca is a brew composed of two Amazonian plants (Ayahuasca and Chacruna) used by the indigenous people of the Amazon for thousands of years with the purpose of expanding their consciousness and comprehending the mysteries of life and existence. In recent years, its conscious use has spread throughout Europe, consolidated in thousands of testimonials and numerous studies that confirm its great efficacy as a catalyst in healing processes for addiction, depression, anxiety disorders, emotional blocks, stress, etc.

We have known and used Ayahuasca for more than 15 years and we have shared this brew with thousands of people with results that show the enormous power manifest in the bodies, emotions, minds and souls of our participants.

Ayahuasca is given at night, possibly several times depending on each participant. We recommend attending at least 2 or 3 days of retreat to increase the level of the dose daily so that it is gradual and assimilated in an appropriate way by the organism without causing what are called ‘bad trips’ or unpleasant situations for the body.

We bring pure Ayahuasca from the jungle, the spiritual heart of the great natural pharmacy of the planet, where it is cooked by experts who know the plants and the master formulas that have been used for thousands of years by indigenous communities. We visit them every month, taking groups of travellers from the 11th to the 22nd of each month. We have a multidisciplinary team, of facilitators and doctors, among others, who have studied with extremely knowledgeable native people and who have refined their knowledge in the European School Ayahuasca, where the facilitators of Ayahuasca International train.


This is a natural entheogenic tool extracted from the glands of the Bufo Alvarius toad from the Sonora desert (Mexico) and is considered to be the most powerful entheogen in existence. Its form of consumption is inhaling, via a glass pipe, the smoke that is produced when burning the flakes that result from the extraction. It must be emphasised that the toad does not suffer any damage when being ‘milked’ from only two of its six glands during the harvest of this natural substance, and it is quickly returned to its natural habitat. These toads only emerge for three months a year and it is the only species of toad in the world that has this substance.

Once we finish the preparatory meeting where we explain what the experience is like, we give very important recommendations and we offer a space for questions. We smoke one by one, but often accompanied by the whole group of participants, and supported by the facilitators. The experience typically lasts between 15 and 20 minutes, but the person is experiencing it loses all sense of time, being able to experience a vertiginous feeling of eternity, infinity and unity with the whole of existence. During the experience it is possible to also go through moments of great anguish that are the prelude to an encounter with the divine. These moments, that can come before the ecstasy and the total oceanic feeling of communion with oneself and life, have to do with the feeling of being thrown into the void at high speed and the total dissolution of the ego.

For over a year, our facilitators have been investigating this natural tool brought from the desert, testing its effects and the benefits it brings to the processes of people’s evolution. Due to the incredible results that it produces in the comprehension of the lives of those who have tried it, we have decided to share it with our participants in Ayahuasca retreats. For several months we have carried out INTEGRATIVE retreats in Holland, Spain and Italy, and we have shown with more than 500 people the power of this integration of natural entheogenic tools, especially when implemented within an appropriate context of conscious use and with the necessary precautions.

It is an intense and profound experience that can become a milestone in the life of a human being, as it offers the possibility of connecting with an oceanic feeling of peace that fuses the individual with the totality from which they originate. It is a masterful opportunity to contact infinity and eternity in order to approach life from both a higher and a deeper place.



Kambo is a secretion that comes from the back of the phyllomedusa bicolor frog.

It is a natural biochemical cocktail used for millennia, that encourages a very deep purge of toxins from the body. The process typically lasts 15 to 20 minutes and it is necessary to fast for 12 hours prior so as to enter a session with an empty stomach. It is the most powerful DETOX tool that exists, not just because of the cleansing it evokes – which is only a minimal part of the physical benefit it has – but also for the enormous nutrition and reactivation that it produces in the organism thanks to the 14 peptides it contains. These are authentic biochemical keys that open the doors of our internal pharmacy, leaving the immune system in an optimal state, especially with 3 applications in a period of less than 28 days, which together complete what is known worldwide as ‘the Jungle vaccine’.

On the other hand, Kambo produces a seismic internal jolt that facilitates the outpouring of suppressed emotions so that they are embraced, breathed and listened to from the loving warmth of our own presence.



This is one of the most powerful substances that exists providing an expanded state of consciousness that allows comprehension of complex matters of human life and, above all, about the personal matters that interfere with our happiness; for this reason, it is known also as ‘the tree of wisdom’. Additionally, it possesses an enormous healing potential as a tool for self-discovery and liberation from unnecessary burdens.

This natural ancestral tools has been used by Bwiti, an initiatory tradition that comes from the purest branch of the mystic schools of ancient Egypt. Nowadays, it is being utilized in a multitude of clinics and is the central focus of many congresses on mental and clinical psychology in Europe and the Americas because of the confirmed results that have been proven; most notably in the overcoming of addictions, although it has many other applications related to self-knowledge, personal development, and spiritual seeking.

People in agony are carried to the temples of Iboga in Gabon, from all the surrounding villages – those who have lost their vital energy and the will to live, many who have lost hope and become zombies; they are then resurrected after the process of healing with Iboga. If you feel that you are in a moment in your life where the structures and patterns you created, or were created in your interior, have already run their course and that you are carrying the suffering that they have left in you, then this is definitely the moment to take Iboga.

How could a butterfly fly if it had to carry the cocoon that had encased it before its transformation? Iboga completely dismantles all that has no vitality or sense in your life, that which is installed in your mind but later can be purged. Iboga is to healing what etymology is to language, because it shows the root of what happens to you, providing a deeper meaning to specific relationships that exist in the defence mechanisms that you have created. Everything begins to appear schematically and with clarity on the black screen that becomes visible when you close your eyes, as if it is signalling with a pointer the enigmatic unconscious causes of what happens to you. All this is not necessary to be noted, but only to be recorded in the heart, where it came from. Suddenly it is in front of you, the memory of who you are, and that cannot be erased from you, only remembered. This is the moment of highest lucidity, when we recover the memory of what we are.


This is jungle tree that, when inhaled/blown through the nose, produces an expansion of consciousness and a surprising therapeutic-spiritual effect. The effect could be described as similar to a fusion of Ayahuasca and Bufo Alvarius; that is to say, it produces organic cleansing and spiritual connection. On the one hand it is a hard confrontation with the ego, and on the other hand it offers consciousness of unity. Expansion of consciousness is assured, but in the process different things move and you arrive at a very particular space from where you can appreciate reality. Unlike Ayahuasca or Bufo Alvarius, which are introspective experiences, Yopo opens us to the comprehension of the other, and allows us to establish deep dialogues with people who are in the same process (ideal for couples or friends) and at the same moment of the experience.


Rapé or rapéh is a ground combination of plants whose origin dates back millennia. In many blends the main plant is tobacco, but in others, such as the rapéhs prepared by the natives of Rio Branco in Acre (Brazil), this plant is often not used. Precisely from Acre, the place with the greatest tradition and variety in the world, is where the rapéh we use in our workshops comes from and which we also offer in the shop.

Rapéh is not an entheogen, so it does not produce visions, but it does expand consciousness and open the heart when it is applied progressively such as in the context of our workshops. There are also self-projectors for self-application by blowing. Rapéh is not snorted because that does not create the same pathway in the brain, neither does it reach the pineal gland that way. Therefore, it is essential to have a self-projector for it to be taken alone.

If phlegm comes up, it is best to spit it out and if the rapéh drips from your nose you should only wipe with a handkerchief gently, without blowing your nose, until ten minutes have passed and the ancestral tool has done its cleansing work.

The effect of rapéh is total relaxation and quietening of thought. It does not produce visions or expand consciousness, but it releases Silence inside you, drawing a smile of serenity on your face. It travels throughout the body with a tingling numbness, unravelling tensions that do not serve you but are sometimes automatic in the body due to living in constant false state of alarm where we prepare to react to ‘danger’.

With rapéh, the body loosens all of its tensions and shifts into an optimal state to meditate, which is why this tool has become the entry point for many meditators into their inner world. On the other hand, at a physical level, it clears the entire respiratory system and is ideal in cases of sinusitis, rhinitis, congestion, etc. because, among other things, it purifies the nasal cavities of all the air pollution retained in accumulated particles. It is also indicated in cases of headaches where pain has been known to disappear instantly. Therefore, indications suggest applying it after long day of mental work, to clear the mind.

It balances the masculine and feminine side, bringing the person to a state of internal harmony that connects them with their sweetest and lightest feeling, making it ideal for reflecting and even to be able to continue working after taking a break due to mental or emotional overload.

We have different types of mild, medium and strong rapéh, that we apply at intervals of approximately 25 minutes in our workshops, to open the channels of perception one after another, until reaching a state of total connection. The states that can be reached are perfect for focusing on everything you want to comprehend in your life and welcoming it from the serenity of an open heart, where you feel safe and cradled by love.

The workshop begins with a session of Conscious-emotional preparation where everyone shares where they are in their lives at this moment, in order to connect with their feelings. In this session we will also give indications about the best attitude to have to receive rapéh during the experience. After that, the facilitator will apply the rapéhs one by one. The session is done as a group.

It is possible for rapéh to produce a purgative effect and vomiting may arise during the process due to the great physical detoxification. The plants contained in the rapéh penetrate the body, dissolving physical and mental contractures, gradually taking you to a state of fullness. The workshop closes with a Conscious integration session to relate everything that has been comprehended and experienced with daily life. We will share conscious focuses that you can apply in your day-to-day and thus access that place of inner peace and serenity for yourself.

The workshop includes the possibility of accessing one to three rapéhs, which can allow you to go into greater depth or connection, although this does not depend on the number of times it is done, but rather the attitude of the participant and their surrender to the process.



Inner Mastery presents our new Inwasi Workshops, that combine the taking of this powerful plant mix, together with dynamics of relaxation and emotional opening. A unique and exclusive experience.

Inwasi is a natural remedy with a bitter menthol taste, comprised of organic jungle tobacco, cooked with exotic fruits and wild plant roots, among other secret components and activating agents that are added before taking it.

This formula of Amazonian plants works as a device which opens the inner doors of our feelings to connect with the energy that is available – but not utilized – in the body, which can be transformed into creativity, vitality, courage or strength.

Upon taking it, a tingling runs through us from head to toe, increasing the vibrational frequency of the body. The mechanisms that maintain our structure of control loosen, allowing natural silence and peace to flow.

The process is accompanied by sounds and song from the outside for a brief moment so that each participant can differentiate the sources providing the stimuli.

You can feel the reconnection with the body and the soul, thanks to this combination of powerful master plants that reactivate vital energy, transforming it into a total state of meditation.

Sometimes Inwasi brings about a purging that produces vomiting and/or diarrhoea if a physical cleansing is necessary to clear the path of any toxic build-up, so we can move towards an encounter with the power that resides at our core.

It allows access to an attitude of sensory receptivity and inner connection from a state of physical, mental and spiritual well-being; loosening and unblocking the resistances and unconscious limitations.

It is neither entheogenic nor hallucinogenic. It does not produce visions but amazes by the rapid and powerful effects it produces, performing a subtle caress on the soul where love and infinite energetic resources lie.

It is in itself a transcendent experience, which can last between 30 to 90 minutes but can be extended in some cases up to 4 hours in a state of stillness and tranquility, as if the body was meditating.

You can participate in this workshop within the Inner Mastery retreats or in workshops specially designed to know and enjoy this new enriching experience for personal transformation.

Why have we called it INWASI?

The empowerment that our process focuses on, comes from the foundation of recognising we are able to put ourselves in an internal place of peace and centredness. ‘In’ is ‘internal’ or referring to an ‘entrance’ in English and the beginning of our company name Inner Mastery, which is dedicated to activating, developing and accompanying the process of inner evolution. ‘Wasi’ means ‘house’ or ‘home’ in Quechua.

We use this natural remedy to go inside our own being, to reconstruct the house, to create a space for transformation, to adapt the place where we will create, with delicacy, the home in which we will live.



A unique, healing and unforgettable experience in the Colombian Amazon (Mocoa, Putumayo).

The trips are organized from the 11th to the 22nd of each month of the year. There are 11 days in total. You can go more or less days, but we recommend a minimum of 5 days to be able to live the experience and get to know magical places in the Colombian Amazon (although each traveler can extend their trip as many days as they want and can). Our team, with translators and expert guides, will be in Mocoa a few days before departure to prepare everything and receive the participants. You should arrive in Bogota a few days before departure to the jungle, which is on the 11th of each month and the journey to Mocoa can be done in two ways: by bus (approximately 12 hours from Bogota) or by plane (2 hours to the airport of Villa Garzon). You can also go directly to the hostel one or more days before to wait for the group already in Mocoa. For more information contact us at [email protected]